A welcome to the 2018 Mennonite Heritage Cruise

Black Sea SunsetHenry Pauls River
Black Sea at Sunset - photo by Walter Unger                                                                            Russian Mennonite folk painting by Henry Pauls

There is something elemental about a river voyage, especially if it includes the sea. This is the way people have travelled for thousands of years. Our cultural history reminds us of Odysseus' wine-dark sea or more recently of Tom Sawyer's delightful trip of discovery down the Mississippi. Not only do we visit an historic part of the world which has radically changed, ours is also a trip back in time to rediscover the heroic and tragic dimensions of the Russian Mennonite story, in the context of the world in which they occurred. Through the prism or lens of illuminated history we gain new insights into the ancestral experiences which have individually shaped us and which affect our participation in the times in which we now live.

This communal trip on the Black Sea and Dnieper River will be illuminating and enriching. It will put us in touch with our past, with each other and with ourselves, in ways we will likely find both surprising and satisfying.

Watch some short videos from the inaugural Mennonite Heritage Cruise in October, 1995 

Marina and Walter Unger


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