The Mennonite Heritage Cruise Organizers
Marina and Walter Unger

1995 Inaugural cruise photo
  1995 inaugural Mennonite Heritage Cruise passengers group photo on the Potemkin Steps in Odessa, Ukraine: photo courtesy Debra Classen  
Walter and Marina are seasoned heritage tour organizers. Between 1995 and 2010 they organized sixteen annual cruises and assisted smaller Mennonite group tours to Holland, Ukraine, Russia and Poland. These combined tours helped some three thousand pilgrims to search their ancestral roots. Looking ahead to summer 2018, imagine a 190 passenger cruise ship that becomes a floating hotel, along with friends and family members embracing an international Mennonite community and an academy with lectures by specialists. Imagine also guided bus and field trips to the major former Mennonite Settlements and rich opportunities to learn about eastern Ukraine in the post Soviet era. Imagine watermelon and rollkuchen Faspa. No visas are required, just bring your curiosity and your quests.

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