Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Cruise
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 1. Health
    We suggest you check the Government of Canada link and your family doctor for travel health advice. Health Canada suggests you visit your family doctor or a travel health clinic six weeks before you travel. Check to make sure your immunization shots are up to date. Health Canada browser address:

2. Passport requirement

A valid passport is required to visit Ukraine. Canadian and US citizens do not need a visa for visits under 90 days.

Passport must have two blank pages, must be valid for six months after the date of departure from Ukraine and must have been issued within the past 10 years.

3. Information including images about electrical outlets, etc. on the ship

Most small portable electrical devices can handle both 110 and 220 volts. Please check your device to make sure.
Adapter plug220 plug
Adapter plug from 110 volts to 220              220 volt outlet on the ship

4.  Bring along enough memory cards for your camera or video device
Memory cards

5.  Bring along a lightweight flashlight and batteries


6. Cost of private trips


Private tours using smaller buses and vans for family groups or groups joining together to visit places not on the bus routes cost extra.  The private tours will be booked separately ahead of the cruise and the fees for vehicle, guide, driver or driver/guide will be paid at the conclusion of each trip, according to the kind of vehicle used, the number of hours on route and the distance traveled.  Tips are paid in person to the providers when the passengers get off the vehicle.

Typical fees:
Car, driver and guide - $35USD per hour
Van, driver and guide (up to 6 passengers) - $40USD per hour
Bigger van or small bus (up to 15 passengers) - $45USD per hour

7.  Ukrainian currency

kioskhryvniahryvnia 20

The Ukrainian currency is called Hryvnia (pronounced grieve-nah). The currency code name is UAH. The name dates back to the currency of the Kievan Rus a millenium ago. Originally it referred to a silver or gold pendant of a particular weight worn by women. You can only exchange for Hryvnia in Ukraine.  They are not offered in U.S. and Canadian banks.

Passengers will not need a lot of Hryvnia on the cruise, except to buy souvenirs at small street stalls. At the end of the cruise bar bills can be paid by VISA and Mastercard.  US and EU paper currency can be easily exchanged everywhere at banks and street kiosks. The rates are all controlled and clearly marked.

Currency exchange rates are hard to predict for July 2018:
Currently (February, 2018):
1 Canadian dollar = 21.30 Hryvnia (UAH)
1 US dollar = 26.83 Hryvnia (UAH)

8.  Odessa harbour - where is the ship?

Odessa harbourfunicular

It will be very easy to find. The cruise ship harbor is located at the foot of the famous Potemkin Steps. You can take the funicular (short railway) both ways instead of walking a lot of steps. The harbor is located very close to the Opera, shopping, etc.

9.  WiFi on the ship

There will be free WiFi on the ship but not with great bandwidth or reliability. WiFi reception will be better in public areas than in the cabins/suites.
There will be free WiFi in many of the coffee shops and restaurants in the cities we visit. If internet communication is very important to you, check with your service provider how you can buy Ukrainian (or European) coverage for your Iphone, etc. It will typically cost ten dollars per day.


10. Tipping  on the ship

a) Tips to all ship staff are included in the cruise price.
b) Tips to guides and drivers on scheduled city and village bus routes are also included.

Passengers can add additional tips for special service to the above

c) Private trips
Passengers pay the tips directly to guides and drivers
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