Last revised May 1 :  Bus Trips and Private Trips on the 2018 Cruise
A message from Walter Unger the "Dorfmeister"

Our Four Day Stop in Zaporizhia
See links to maps in the table at the bottom of this page - Alexandrovsk became Zaporozhye in the Soviet period
Three days of choices for no extra cost group bus tours or extra cost private trips (see also below)

Fourth day everyone visits 1789 founding Khortitsa/Rosenthal,  now a suburb of Zaporizhia (Ukrainian spelling),
Insel Khortitsa
and former Mennonite industrial Schönwiese

The scheduling of the first three days of bus trips will depend largely on demand. We will try hard to match you up with friends and relatives so that you can together visit shared history. Our mutual goal is to develop a comprehensive plan of bus and private trips that best meet your interests.   
  Choices for village bus trips on the first three days

Overview: This visits the villages at the top of Molochna Settlement, starting west of Tokmak.
Possible short stops: Tokmak, Schoensee, Ladekopp, Petershagen, Halbstadt, Muntau, Tiegerweide, Rückenau, Fürstenwerder, Alexanderwohl, Friedensdorf, (Landskrone) Hierschau, Waldheim, Klippenfeld, Hamberg, Liebenau, Wernersdorf, Schönsee, Fürstenau
Note: Rhapsody Singers perform in Schoensee church only on the Mennonite Centre bus tour (see below)

Overview: This will go down the road south of Halbstadt all the way to Altonau and east as far as Rückenau and comes back via Tiegerweide, Ohrloff/Tiege and Münsterberg.

Possible short stops: Tokmak, Ladekopp, Petershagen, Halbstadt, Muntau, Tiegenhagen, Schönau, Fischau, Lindenau, Lichtenau train station, Blumstein, Münsterberg, Altonau, Juschanlee, (Kleefeld) Lichtefeld, Alexanderkrone, Neukirch, Friedensruh, (Steinfeld) (Prangenau), Rückenau, Tiegerweide, Rosenort, Blumenort, Tiege, Ohrloff

Overview: This is a long, rambling bus tour - the longest.

Possible short stops: Tokmak, Gnadenheim, Friedensdorf, Gnadenthal (Margenau), Nikolaidorf, Mariawohl, (Paulsheim), Gnadenfeld, Konteniusfeld, Sparrau, Grossweide, Pastwa, (Franztal), Rudnerweide, Schardau, Pordenau, Marienthal, Alexanderthal, Elizabethal, Steinbach
4. KHORTITSA Colony Villages
Possible stops: Kronsweide, Neuenburg, Neuendorf (Shiroke) regional Ukrainian administrative centre interested in it’s Mennonite history, Schönhorst, Osterwick, Kronsthal, Rosengart, Burwalde, Schöneburg, Blumengart, Nieder Khortitsa

5. YAZYKOVO Colony Villages
Possible stops Paulsheim, Petersdorf, Eichenfeld, Adelsheim, Nikolaipol, Franzfeld, Hochfeld, Reinfeld, Bergmannsthal/Solonoye

6. MENNONITE CENTRE in UKRAINE with George Dyck   Newly Revised April 2

This is a 2018 Mennonite Heritage Cruise key theme tour. It is a metaphor for the last two decades of Mennonite return to a lost homeland and a return to assist our former Ukrainian neighbors in their present troubles. It is also a metaphor combining the historic Christian faiths: Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant. The tour is centred on Halbstadt (Molochansk) and nearby sites.

Halbstadt: complementary lunch at the Mennonite Centre, formerly the Maedchenschule. Visits to Zentralschule, underground tunnels, Willms Mill, Gebietsamt, Morija Nurses School  & former Credit Union. Petershagen: Mennonite Church & Home for Aged. Muntau: Hospital & Sanatorium School. Schoensee: Rhapsody Singers perform at a former Mennonite church restored with Mennonite Centre help.  Rhapsody is the secular face of a Tokmak based Orthodox choir. Mennonite Centre has helped them become a community choir. The acoustics in the new Greek Catholic church are wonderful
S-1Schoensee church

7. JOHANN CORNIES Tour with Alan Peters  Newly revised May 1
No person had a greater influence upon the Mennonite settlements in South Russia—indeed upon all the foreign colonists in that region—than Johann Cornies (1789 – 1848).  His imprint, and that of his descendants, is still visible today.  Our tour will revisit the important locations where Cornies lived and served:  Orloff, the village of his childhood; Neu-Halbstadt, the Cornies-established settlement of Mennonite artists and craftsmen; Juschanlee, his first great agricultural estate; the Alt-Berdjansk Forestry Reserve, where a memorial to Cornies and his son-in-law Phillip Wiebe documents their accomplishment of bringing millions of trees to the formerly barren steppes; Melitopol, the cultural and industrial center, where Mennonite businesses prospered, and around which numerous Mennonite estates were established, including Taschenak, Cornies’ own immensely successful agricultural estate;  the villages Hutterthal and Johannesruh (named after Cornies himself), where Cornies brought and sheltered the few-remaining early Hutterite families, whose descendants now are numerous throughout North America. 

8. Private Trips possible on Days 1-3
 Marina and I have been discussing private trips with family groups, to villages in Borozenko, Sagradowka, Schönfeld, etc. Discussions will continue.

9. City Trips
You will automatically be scheduled on city bus tours of Odessa, Dnipro and Kyiv at no extra cost - but you can opt out of these to do your own city visits, at your own expense, or just have free time.
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